Spooooky Cooookie!


A few weeks ago I blogged about my haunted house illustration. Now Jen and I have finally got it on a yummy cookie, and ready to ship to your favorite haunted houses around the country!

You can find our super cute and slightly spooky greeting available right now in the holiday section of the shop. This design is exclusive to Sweet Talk…right down to the creepy, slime covered font! Design note: The “liquify” filter in Photoshop is my new favorite toy! My little girl Leah asked if I could draw her into the illustration as a trick-or-treater. I told her I’d make a haunted house picture just for her, but as Jen said “I can totally imagine our little ghosts and goblins walking up those steps to find a broken door bell. Would they be too afraid to knock? What would be waiting for them behind the door? Yummy cookies I bet.” Yummy cookies indeed!

This cookie is available with coordinating ribbons and we’ve opted to send them with only the Happy Halloween message so we can expedite your order. Get over there and pick one up today! Orders placed by the 24th of October will get to your favorite ‘trick or treaters’ in plenty of time! Once received I’ll bet they’ll be gobbled up before you can say “BOO!”

Stay tuned for more Holiday Treats! We’re on a roll and will be releasing our Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s designs very soon!

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  1. very spooky cookie. I wonder what it would look like if you used nickelodeon slime green color as a background.. that would be too cool for halloween.

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