Spring Cleaning!


Back when I started Bride Design, I was so excited to create anything having to do with weddings. I even made a few ring pillows that matched some of the invitation suites I was designing. I was also pregnant with my first child, so I credit this graphic designer’s desperate need to sew with a bit of “nesting” syndrome too. That’s how these sweet little 6″ handmade ring pillows were born. I loved making them because they were miles from the big ol’ white satin whoppers you see everywhere.

Designing invitations and stationery now takes up so much of my time, I reserve what little sewing I do for fun home projects (up next a sink skirt for my new bathroom!). As I make room in my studio for new papers and products, or just try to reclaim a bit of “white space” on my desk and shelves, I thought I’d find a new home for these lovelies. If you know a bride or are a bride using a brown palette then this pillow might just be for you. Or if a dreamy mix of cream, white, and champagne beige are your colors check out this sweet white pillow. Both are embellished on the underside of the pillow with antique buttons from my personal collection.

Help clean my studio! When these are gone they’re gone. Oh and rings are not included of course! They belong to photographer Crystal Herry, who took the shot, and her husband. We’ll be listing more old favorites in the shop soon as well!

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