Summer’s Flowers Fade


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It’s rare for me to get misty about the passing of summer. I love autumn that much more. But with the Farmer’s Market looking just a bit bleaker as the weeks creep on, I do find myself missing the armful of flowers I come home with each week between June and August. My favorite Farmer’s Market bouquet? Gladiolas!! I love them! Perhaps it’s because I’m a Morrissey fan, or maybe it’s because they are colorful, big, and abundant.

When I lived in Chicago I’d go to the Farmer’s Market with one of my most beautiful (inside and out) friends. The one thing we could never agree on, was gladiolas (or is it gladioli?). I couldn’t get enough of them and she wouldn’t be caught dead with them in her apartment. “They’re FUNERAL flowers!!!” she would always emphasize during our little debates.

That made me wonder…are there any other flower varieties out there with an undeserved bad rap? What flowers do you think add extra oomph to your home interior? We all know to try and stay with flowers that are in season, but what else should brides think about when choosing flowers for their wedding? I had lots of autumn colored callas at my own wedding. Funeral flowers or not, I still love glads as well as my wonderful friend who had such a distaste for them. Summer may be over, but its blooms live on over at flickr. Alright, I’ve gotten that out of my system. Time to go find a pile of leaves to jump in!

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  1. Erin – Callas were once funeral flowers as well, but brides have certainly changed that.

    I think Carnations get the worst rap, when they actually smell lovely and make great pomanders and monograms. Let’s start a campaign for carnation respect -yeah!

  2. I had roses because I couldn’t get tulips (my faves) without it costing an arm and a leg for my autumn wedding. But, they were a mixture of reds, like black magics and other deep reds. I think my maids had callas in their bouquets.

    For brides in the flower selection phase, I would say look at staying with one type of flower and putting a bouquet together that are in a monochromatic color scheme. It does wonders when you see the textures come alive.

    Oh, I’ve got 2 huge piles of leaves in front of my house (the leaves started turning 2 weeks ago!) – I’ll join you in that jump! 😉

  3. I agree about carnations Isha. They do smell lovely and have a charm about them. Every once in a while I get tightly grouped bunch of white or pink ones and I marvel at how sweet they look arranged in a little earthenware pitcher. I’ll pitch in on your campaign for carnation respect anytime!! I think it’s all the dyed ones that contributed to their bad rap anyway.

    Cathe…great advice! Tulips are another favorite of mine. Oh and I am so in on that leaf jumping. Let me just hop on the next flight to the bay area. While I’m there I can get some dim sum too!

    Thanks as always for the comments ladies and your expert wedding advice for my readers.

  4. I LOVE gladiolas (I think it’s an “olas”). I had calla lillies in my wedding bouquet too- that’s definitely changed quite a bit and become a popular wedding flower. But, if I were to get married today, I might do gerber daisies- they’re so cheerful and come in so many colors- including some darker versions that are great for fall.

  5. Brilliant Carey! I never thought about Gerbers for Fall, but they are so pretty and cheery like you said. I also think they don’t need much else to make them beautiful. Gerber daisies are so pretty on their own and I’m going to guess they’re not the not expensive flowers either—another bonus.

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