Sunshine (on this rainy, rainy day…)


If you’re not reading (or should I say, reading and commenting on) The Bright Side Project blog, well…then you’re missing out. Bloggers Miss K and Miss B “deliver sunshine daily” by offering up giveaways for readers that at the same time support emerging and established artists and designers. That’s a cause I can certainly get behind!

Not only are the offerings from these artists, gorgeous and unique, but the questions The Bright Side Project asks contest entrants to answer are thought-provoking. I did a workshop for some fellow entrepreneurs, on Unleashing Your Creativity a few weeks ago, and in talking with a few of the women in attendance I mentioned how much visiting and commenting on The Bright Side Project encourages my own creative thinking. Not only do I gain inspiration by getting a peak at what other members of the artistic community are working on, but through answering questions I would normally never think to ask, I’m led to explore new creative territory and discover new inspiration inside myself. Pretty cool, eh? You’ve gotta try it!

If you do, you just might find yourself a winner. I did, and from quite and unexpected answer I might add! I didn’t have to think long when answering “What scent reminds you of your childhood, and why?”
Here’s what I said:
As a result, I was lucky enough to win an incredibly awesome hand-poured soy candle from Linnea’s Lights! Choosing from their delicious list of scents was difficult. They ALL sound captivating. But in the end I went with Sweet Grass, in honor of my 4 year old’s own springtime “kid-sweat” scent. Honestly, I am so loving this candle that I’m going to save my rave reviews of Linnea’s Lights for another post…

I’ll admit, winning is very fun, but as they say…it is not everything. Trust me when I say, The Bright Side Project has a lot to offer. Now get yourself over there right now and start answering some questions! Enjoy…

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