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Much to my delight, I was recently “tagged” by jewelry designer, Lisa of L. Stone Designs! Now that I’m “it,” along with 6 other lucky bloggers, it’s my job to share 7 random and/or weird things about myself. Not the easiest task, but here’s your opportunity to get to know me, Erin the Bride Designer, just a bit better.

1. Everyone knows I love stationery, but I am also a HUGE perfume freak. I can’t get enough of the stuff. One of my goals is to train my nose to distinguish fragrance notes, so that I can gain a better understanding of and deeper appreciation for perfume.

2. I have been collecting postcards since I was a child. I have tons from around the country and the world and they never fail to inspire me. From the stamps and postmarks, to the pictures on the front to the hand scrawled messages on the back, I should have known I’d end up doing something with my career that had to do with mail!

3. I had a minor in Women’s Studies in college, and took many English and writing classes. If I were not a designer, I would probably want to do something in the magazine or book publishing. I loved working in those industries as a designer and art director, but I think it would be fun to try out the writing and editing side as well.

4. Working off #3. I have written and illustrated a children’s book but for a variety of reasons I haven’t really worked to get it out there or published. My ultimate dream is to illustrate children’s books.

5. I love music! My husband and I have over 1300 CDs which are now happily living in our attic while also living on in our itunes catalog. The lion’s share belongs to him, but I promise I didn’t just marry him for his music collection!

6. I danced ballet until I was 16, and started doing modern dance in college. I would love to start taking dance classes again and getting back on point shoes at some point. Until then, there is always a dance party going on in my living room with my two toddler daughters!

7. I once painted two dinosaur-themed chairs that were autographed by famed paleontologist Paul Sereno, and featured in Chicago’s annual Celebrity Chair Auction.

So that’s me. Want to learn more about a few of my favorite bloggers? Hopefully they won’t mind sharing!

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