Test Your Hue IQ


Many thanks to Jen of She Takes The Cake for directing me to x-rite’s Color IQ Test. The ever resourceful Mary of Supafly Designs, also posted this test a month or so ago on her always inspiring blog suffix abuse. I didn’t quite get Mary’s perfect score, but I did get myself a decent 8 (the lower the score the better, on a scale of 0 to 100). Apparently, I’m slightly hue deficient in the blues going into violets. In my defense, that 3rd bar down was the one I did last and I was a little too eager to see my score. I also found it interesting that that bar was the most difficult for me. Perhaps I’ll need to try it again to try and get my score up and my eyes in fighting condition! Want to know your Color IQ? Check it out and arrange the color blocks in order according to their hue. Oh and have fun!

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