The Beauty of Bento


You don’t need silly old words from me to help you appreciate the beauty of these INCREDIBLE Bento Boxes created by Flickr Member, photographer, mom, and artist, Hippo Mum. When my daughters are old enough to start bringing their lunches to school, I can only hope that I too will provide them with a treat so caring, healthy and creative. Thanks for showing me that Design Is Everywhere Hippo Mum…even in a kindergarten lunch box!

4 Responses to "The Beauty of Bento"
  1. Oh, that is just way too cute! My kid is a picky eater now, all of the sudden! But, when he is ready for a packed lunch in the coming years (several years away!), hopefully I can find the time to do this!

  2. That is way too cute. I wish I found delight in cooking and crafting like that. You’re lucky if I have enough energy to slice a tomato for a sandwich! Seriously. Maybe, someday, when I have little ones, I’ll be more gourmet lunch inclined.

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