Tickled Pink!


With cooler temperatures around the corner for those of us in Northern United States and Canada, I’ve set about looking for some stylish and luxurious knits to enhance my wardrobe. I was google searching this season’s fashion buzzword, “capelet,” when I came across Tickled Pink Knits’ Etsy shop. When I saw the Rococo Wool and Llama Shawl pictured above (available in 18 custom colors!), I fell in love.

Tickled Pink’s designer and knitter Elena, shows exquisite attention to detail in her work. I love the matching ceramic button with a floral and grapevine motif that finishes off the lovely Vineyard Shoulderette. And what about the hand-crocheted flowers that adorn the tassels on Tickled Pink’s Victoriana Scarflette? Made of the warmest wool and silky bamboo (a highly renewable resource), this delightful accessory can have you looking elegant and eco-friendly at the same time! I am also inspired by how multi-functional some of the designs in the shop are. Quite a few Tickled Pink’s designs can be worn in a variety of ways, but this funky Rasberry Knit Headband, Scarflette, Neckwarmer, and Belt takes multi-tasking style to a whole new level!

I may need to save up some funds if I ever want a that Rococo Shawl, but I am definitely going to drop quite a few hints about this shop to my husband before holiday time rolls around. Being that I live downwind of the Great Lakes, square in snowbelt country, I hope to indulge myself in a Tickled Pink neckwarmer sooner rather than later though. Honestly, I wear neckwarmers and shawls indoors (thanks to my 1920’s colonial) and out, throughout the entire winter season. The only problem is going to be which one to choose! Merino Wool? Boucle? Alpaca? It will be a tough decision. But whatever I get I’m sure I’ll end up being Tickled Pink!

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  1. OMG, Erin! I was eyeing the same thing a couple of months ago, but the one I was eyeing was a grey or greenish color. I am not the ruffles kind of girl, but I do love these ruffles! They fit! I might be doing the same with you – save up for one and dropping major hints. Luckily, it’s still about 100 degrees here (aren’t we starting the Fall season soon?) so I don’t have the need for it just yet. πŸ˜‰

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