Twice as Nice!


I sort of stumbled upon the other day, when one of my wedding invitations had the fortune of being featured in a wishlist by Nicole of the etsy shop Nicole’s Homemade Treats, on the front page of the site. I was excited to see a site that encourages brides, couples with new homes, expectant moms, hostesses, or anyone who loves handcrafted items, to buy handmade. Needless to say, I joined up. Much to my surprise I was promptly notified that I am the lucky 400th member of this delightful group, and as such Bride Design is happily featured on the front page again. Too cool. Thanks to Dorana, and all at I know there is nothing more I love, than to give and receive gifts that have been designed and crafted with care. I wish you success as you continue to foster that attitude among the masses!

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