We Have a Winner!


Happy Friday Everyone! It’s time to give away some movie tickets!! We have a winner. It’s #6, Kristy!!

Six, while not my favorite number (that honor goes to the number 2), is a number I’ve always liked and I’ll tell you why. As a kid, I figured 6 was the perfect number of people to go to the amusement park with. You could get on a ride in two groups of three, or three groups of two. No one gets left out! Hey, how many people fit on those giant water rafting rides? Either six or eight, so you could probably score one of those all to yourselves if you are in a group of six.

It was a pretty exciting day when my parents let me know they were having a 4th child. I would now be part of a perfect amusement park family of 6 (not that we went to amusement parks very often!). Too bad little brother is 11 years my junior. He was still ringing the bell on the kiddie fire truck ride as I went off to college. So that’s my story on the number 6. And now you’ve all had a glimpse into my lifelong strange (or is that estranged?) relationship with numbers and math.

Kristy, shoot me an email at: admin [at] bridedesign.com. When I get your email address I’ll transfer $20 in Fandango bucks to you and you can head to the movies!! Thanks to everyone who entered and here’s to a few more giveaways in the future at Design is Everywhere.

Have something you want to share with the world? Or OK, maybe just with the Design is Everywhere audience? Let me know and a giveaway might just be in order! If it seems like a good fit with this blog’s content and mission (to find design in unexpected, and not so unexpected, places and share it), I’d love to give away more treats to my readers!

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