Wedding Wednesdays: Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


I’m back from my break and while I was gone I misplaced my engagement ring for a spell. Turns out it was on the upper bathroom shelf behind some baskets (phew!). Still, this freak-out got me thinking about how much I love my ring. I still wear it everyday. Even when I’m feeling like a harried mom or an overworked designer, my engagement ring still makes me feel like a princess. I mean a princess in yoga pants, eating ice cream out of the carton while talking on the phone and getting a child set up with some crayons and paper, but a princess nonetheless. While I think the proposal should be a surprise whenever possible, and the actual purchasing left to the groom on his own time, I do advocate looking for rings with your betrothed and trying a few on. I thought I wanted a princess cut or an asscher cut diamond ring (both are square cuts of sorts), but the moment that emerald cut was on my hand I knew it was perfect for me.

One of the thing I love about my engagement ring is the “tulip setting” my husband chose with the help of his family jeweler. It’s unique and I’ve yet to come across an emerald cut in a similar setting. I’m sure they’re out there, I just haven’t seen one. Not as sparkly or fiery as round cuts, I think of my emerald cut as a “gazing stone.” Colors look amazing, reflected in the sleek smooth surfaces of this shape. Seriously, I could not spend time in a church or mall durin

If you want to read more on emerald cut diamonds, check out this buying guide. It definitely covers the basics.

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