Weddings: Logo Love


Earlier this week, I delivered an order of custom blush pink and ivory invites to a lovely couple. My favorite part of their design? The very simple monogram I created using the lowercase version of their first initials “p” and “d.” The second I started playing around with the letters I knew what font I wanted to use for this part of the design: Century Gothic. Besides the “m_______________” on the response card, the monogram is the only part of the design that uses this face and I chose it for it’s pure geometry and consistent stroke. It’s “o” character is a perfect circle and the “p” and “d” match perfectly. Creating couture invitations that capture a couple’s unique qualities is always a thrill for me. And when I can work with typography? That’s even better. The best part of all, the bride and groom love their “logo” and we’ll be using it on some additional ceremony and reception items for their upcoming July wedding as well. I can’t wait!

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