Whooo says design isn’t everywhere?


Indeed it is. In fact, I love the intricate design that is life, and how it enables us the chance to collide and interweave with other people, cultures, ideas and more. Sometimes life’s designs cross in unexpected places, like malls, athletic fields, hospitals, or in the case of me and artist Lucy Mink…a preschool.

I was thrilled to meet Lucy, because our kids are the same age. While facilitating an art project at the school our kids attend, Lucy met my daughters and thought our older girls would make excellent playmates. In true “mother knows best” fashion she was right. But what’s even cooler is that Lucy is an artist, designer, and all-around creative, which means we grown-ups have lots to chat about while the kids play.

Besides being an amazing painter, Lucy makes these adorable stuffed owls and sells them at minkstuff.com. My favorite is the sleepy-eyed guy above. I love his velvety-looking red wings and if I were a little kid I could envision myself sleeping cheek to cheek with my owl and wrapping those wings around my face for some nap-time peace and quiet. As I’ve mentioned before, I love all the benefits that come with buying handmade and I have a special fondness for handcrafted toys. But it’s even more thrilling when I can find such treasures local to me. It’s better for the environment, good for the community and local economy, and it warms my heart. So check Lucy and her owls out. Enjoy!

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