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I’ve been putting off doing a post on all of the beautifully designed wine labels I’ve come across recently, but after seeing a photo of the The Amazing Food Wine Company’s Wine That Loves™ line in this month’s InStyle, I had to move this topic to priority #1 status. I love the highly graphic and simply colored packaging for this product, deftly designed by the firm Lippincott Mercer.The idea is pretty genius: an easy way to help buyers pair their wine with whatever it is they’re eating (for example, wine that loves pizza, wine that loves grilled salmon, etc.) I like the challenge of testing different varietals against the various recipes I make and educating myself about wine, so while I’ll definitely give these guys a try (I’m a sucker for a pretty bottle!), I’ll be interested to see if the idea behind the bottle is fad or fabulous.

Another delightfully designed wine I recently had the chance to try was Mano A Mano. Another graphic looking label with a striking orange color that reflects the flavorful punch of this wine. I also love the eye-catching typography on the label. This Tempranillo from the area of La Mancha, is a deliciously simple red wine with a very fruity flavor and just a hint of smoke. It went perfect with the barbecue ribs I was having. Thanks to my very tasteful best friend Nicolle, who introduced me to me to this inexpensive (easily under $15 in most areas) and yummy wine.

Last up Polka Dot Riesling. I’m a Riesling lover, especially when paired with thai or indian food…anything spicy really. The husband picked this one out for me to try one Friday night. The cobalt blue bottle says it all: bright, cool, and refreshing. A great summer wine. Again, the label design is simple, but uses color nicely and I think the font is perfectly paired with the product.

So why not enjoy a glass of wine, while enjoying some sweet label design…two great tastes that go great together!

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