You Twitter, but do you Qwitter?


A while back, I was chatting with my Sweet Talk Boutique buddy Jen about Twitter and mentioned I stopped following someone. I wondered, does someone know when I stop following them? That’s when Jen filled me in on Qwitter. With one quick sign-up, you’ll be sent an email every time one of your contacts chooses for stop following you. Things lay pretty dormant for a while. But fast forward to the past few days, when I’ve had a bunch of “qwitters” stop following me. Do I take it personally? No. Especially because my main reason for using Twitter is as a social media marketing tool and a way to stay connected to the online community of design professionals I’ve come to know and love.

In this respect, Qwitter is actually really helpful. The emails you receive let you know the last post you made before your follower decided to “qwit” you. As a result, I learn more about what my current and former followers are interested in hearing and learning about from me. When I recently joined a wedding related twitter chat, I lost several people who may have followed me for “tweets” on design, mac software, or family life. All topics I enjoy posting on, but that differ greatly from the wedding-themed posts I made during the chat session. The upside? I gained some great, new, targeted followers from the wedding industry.

Is the last post you made before someone qwit you always a good indicator of why they quit? Certainly not. I have people qwit me after benign posts about the weather. I do give a second glance when someone qwits, and much of the time, it’s a twitter spammer anyway. I wouldn’t give qwitter too much thought though. I know I need to go in and do some un-following myself, just to keep my stream more manageable. Still, I’ve learned it is a tool business owners can use to better observe their twitter audience and to help them make more informed posts for better marketing impact.

What has using Twitter or Qwitter taught you?

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  1. I’ve often wondered about whether or not people know if I stop following them.

    There was this tech guy that I was following whose girlfriend broke up with him and he was posting 1100 times a day about how much he missed her. I was afraid that if I unfollowed him, I’d send him over the edge. Hopefully he wasn’t using Qwitter!

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