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Home Sweet Home

I’ve had a wonderful response to the watercolor house portraits I’ve been creating recently, including this one I did of my own home (with few adorable kids out front…I know, I’m biased). It is an honor for me to create these unique artistic keepsakes for homeowners, former residents, or for wonderful clients who plan to give the painting as a meaningful gift. I love interpreting the individuality and character of each home and including special touches throughout the landscape. Each home is so different and I fall a little bit in love with each house I am given the opportunity to paint. I also paint churches, commercial buildings, and community landmarks as well. 

Why a House Painting Instead of a Photograph?

There are many reasons to invest in a painted portrait of your home, but one benefit it affords is artistic license! I can edit out little things like kids’ toys on the lawn etc., recreate the landscaping you loved from a specific moment in time, and can paint the home in whatever season you like. Home portraits are a great way to remember the house you grew up in, or commemorate that special starter home even when you’ve moved on. House paintings are also popular with Real Estate Agents to give as gifts to selling or buying homeowners.

How Home Portraiture Works

Clients send me one, or even better several, pictures of the home or building to work from. Paintings are 9×12 originals done in watercolor on archival paper and are $250.00. The are delivered without a matte or frame, since I leave that choice up to the homeowner/recipient so that they can choose what they like or what goes best with their decor. I keep a copy of the picture scanned, so if down the road you want notecards featuring your home, etc. or a smaller print of one to give as a gift, I can easily make one for you. I recently reproduced a small print for a homeowner’s daughter to take back to college with her…a little piece of home. Clients also have the original if you ever wanted to scan it yourself.

For more information or to see more commissioned artwork by Erin, visit the Illustration and Sketches of Syracuse section of this site

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