About the artist

Using traditional materials as well as digital drawing techniques, Erin McKenna Nowak enjoys giving visual life to fiction, non-fiction, and editorial writing for both children and adults. Working as a designer for over 25 years, Erin is equally comfortable using words and pictures to create deep and detailed characters and highly narrative settings, as well as communicative and well-targeted design assets and campaigns. Erin is inspired by her love of music, learning, language, nature, and travel, which reflect in her work as she endeavors to immerse readers in stories and ideas that open new worlds for them. Erin finds personal meaning and value in her work, but her strength and joy as an artist often lies in helping others communicate their message in unexpected and eye catching ways, on time, and effectively.   

About Erin's Work

Throughout her career Erin has designed over 100 non-fiction children’s books, countless magazines, many logos and brand identity campaigns for businesses, stationery, and more. Bringing her strengths as a designer to every project, Erin is increasingly focused on editorial and children’s illustration work, along with creating art for retail, licensing, and publication. Erin is also the illustrator of two books for children The Silent Nightingale by Lamis S Solaim, and The Legend Of The Gathers by Lafayette Wattles.