The Artist

Erin McKenna Nowak, has been voraciously reading and creating art since she was a little girl. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a focus on graphic design and printmaking from Alfred University in 1995. Working in New York City, Chicago, and Providence, RI, Erin has been everything from a children’s book designer to a magazine art director. She currently works as a freelance designer and illustrator, residing in Syracuse, NY where it snows for at least 3/4 of the year.

With a style that blends traditional drawing and painting with digital flair, Erin enjoys giving visual life to stories for both children and adults. Collaging words and pictures to create deep and detailed characters, as well as highly narrative settings, Erin endeavors to immerse readers in stories, opening new worlds for them. Erin lives with her husband and three kids who love to give her constructive criticism whether she asks for it or not. She can usually be found in her studio, working to the latest K-pop tunes and trying to remember to dip her paintbrush in water rather than her coffee mug.


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