Home is where the (artist’s) heart is…

I’ve lived in a lot of places that are packed with creativity: Manhattan…Chicago…Providence, RI. Each one has a vibrant art and indie craft life of its own, brimming with coolness. When I first moved to Syracuse, NY I wondered if I’d find that same type of creative scene. At first, I thought hope was lost. And then? I found the most welcoming, interesting, and hungry art community I’ve come across yet.

I was thrilled when I landed, by complete chance, in the Strathmore section of the city. A neighborhood with it’s own art show, Art on The Porches, designed to celebrate the area’s historical homes, as well as the many local artists who live here. Check out this year’s poster I created for the event, inspired by the great Government WPA posters of the 1930’s.
Syracuse has indeed struggled with it’s artistic identity over the years, but as a city resident I’ve been impressed by how many artists and non-artists alike, deeply value what Syracuse has to offer in the way of locally produced art and handmade goods.

Now, even my wildest expectations are being surpassed with the start of The Salt City Urban Art & Craft Market! More delightful indie goodness, right here on my home turf? It’s almost too good to be true. My application is in and I hope to be part of what sounds like it will be an incredible display of local and regional NY talent. Thanks to the event organizers Briana and Vanessa for believing in Syracuse and beyond…

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