Recent Work: TC Movie Club Editorial Illustrations

Recently, I’ve had the good fortune of working with the team at Think Christian, a digital magazine that strives to consider how popular culture and its cultivators interact with God’s story, on their “O Brothers Where Art Thou?” series. Part of the TC Movie Club, this series finds editor, writer, film critic and podcaster, Josh Larsen tackling old and new testament themes that run through the films of brothers Joel and Ethan Coen. Here is the cover design and illustration that acted as the promotional image for the series, where I focused on the varied silhouettes of landscape and characters. While I took a simple approach to the promo image, I decided to be more detailed with my interpretations of the individual movies themselves. Above is the piece I did for Fargo, and below is the illustration for O Bother Where Art Though, created for their online movie club events.

I truly enjoyed the opportunity to combine my design sense with my illustrative talents and interest. I researched in detail the color palettes for each movie, and created design elements that subtly speak to the themes Josh discusses in his writings on the subject. From the homespun cross stitch style thread and typography that represents how Fargo’s unlikely characters are bound together, to the presence of water, and idea of redemption that permeates O Bother Where Art Though, this project was a rewarding endeavor for me. My goal was to successfully communicate the heart of each TC Movie Club presentation, and I feel we did that here. Look forward to a few more illustrations that explore True Grit and No Country for Old Men.


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