Heart Print | Trivia: Love

On BTS’s Love Yourself and Speak Yourself Tour, I was so moved by RM’s Solo performance of Trivia: Love and the genius word play his raps are known for. As I began studying Korean, I was so intrigued to learn that the word for “person” 사람 (saram) is so similar to the word for “love” 사 (sarang). Just as the last letter of person is smoothed to create the word love, so does love gently round us into special people…or a special person to someone. After creating this heart design full of figures recently, ARMY friends asked me to make a BTS version and I knew exactly what song and lines to use, and this print was born! Borahae ARMY, and I try to include BTS freebies with every purchase of this print.



This is an unframed, archival inkjet print of an original design.

PRINT SIZES: 8 inches x 10 inches

PAPER: Printed on a textured, archival paper

SHIPPING: Each art print is enclosed in plastic with a cardboard backing and shipped in a USPS Priority Mail envelope with cardboard for extra stability. Every print is carefully packaged to ensure safe arrival. We use USPS PRIORITY MAIL as our standard carrier. US Shipping & Handling costs: $8.00 per print, or free local pick-up.

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